Solutions for eco-conscious companies

Our Philosophy

We believe that gardening is one of the most important components for a better, more sustainable future.

We believe that gardening has a powerful impact on the mental health of those practicing it;

we think it is an effective way to curb the effects of climate change by regenerating the soil and preserving the arable lands;

And we are convinced that growing tasty, nutritive, organic, local vegetables is priceless!

What do we do?

Gardener's little helper offers a place where companies can grow their own vegetables,

while their employees have a chance to take part in the process!

We fight climate change

By cultivating the land on a small scale through ecological principles, we help regenerate the soil through carbon sequestration.

We develop local economy

We support mental health

Countless studies have proven that gardening helps fight depression and anxiety, improves focus, relieves stress, boosts the mood and even the immune system.

We lead by example

We grow eco-veggies

We use ecological principles to grow tasty,

nutritious vegetables while supporting the local

food production.

We educate people


For the companies that prefer gardening at the office, we offer an on-site gardening space setup.

This includes transportation of material, set up,

4 workshops per year + follow up and support along

the growing season.

*This service is limited to only 2 companies per year, sign up now!


While we work on the field together, we teach the basics of growing eco-vegetables. Being surrounded by Malmö's most successful market gardeners is definitely a great advantage. We also provide extra resources for those who wishes to learn more.

We want to show the world

there are many solutions that can be implemented

to be more sustainable. We give you the opportunity to embody the change we need!

In order to ask for meaningful environmental

policy changes to happen, people need to be aware

of how food ends up on their table.

If people know, they will care more!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that food self-sufficiency is more important than ever.

Being able to sustain ourselves at

a local level is crucial!



We have 52 raised beds of 10 meters long available

to rent for any company that wishes to grow their own eco-vegetables while making a difference

in the fight against climate change. We provide

the necessary tools, material* and labor to ensure

a good harvest during the growing season. 

*Extra may apply for pest management and nutrition boosts

depending on the choice of crop.


We welcome groups of people for team-building activities on the field. We have plenty of work for

you who want to experience a day as an urban farmer; depending on the time of the growing season, you will weed, shovel, broad fork, plant, transplant, water, harvest while enjoying plenty

of fresh air and exercise! A corporate yearly membership is also available, contact us for more details!

The entrepreneur

I am a French-Canadian born, former game developer who decided to reorient my career towards nature.

After a few years of gardening at my house in Lomma as a hobby, I started working 100% with experts on the field;

urban farmers and specialists in aquaponic and hydroponic techniques.

My goal is to help companies to make a difference in the fight against climate change while offering a great stress relieving experience to their employees through learning how to grow their own, eco-vegetables.

Let's begin that gardening revolution!